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Explain the task name issue in more detail

southerntofu 1 year ago
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@ -39,7 +39,9 @@ Once the languages are loaded, the plugin will lookup your current locale throug
For each operation type, status and name, the plugin will look for a key in the current language. If this translated key does not exist, the key name itself is used. THis means if your language is only partially translated, you will not get the full experience but it should not blow up in your face.
In summary, if you want to translate a task called "Setup web server" in french, place the following line in `i18n/fr.yml`:
If you want to translate a task called "Setup web server" to another language, you could simply place a `Setup web server: Installer le serveur web` line in the i18n/fr.yml file. However, you may want to select a slightly less human-friendly name for the task so that further human beings down the line will not be tempted to edit it. Indeed, once you start translating, changing the task names requires to edit all translations!
Although it is not in practice a problem with very small project, this is why it is strongly advised to keep translations for all languages in the i18n folder. However, as running in debug mode cannot translate task names, you should pick task names that are still somewhat readable, like "setup-web-server".
Setup web server: Installer le serveur web