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@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
BINDIR ?= /usr/local/bin
@echo Installing the executable to $(BINDIR)
@mkdir -p $(BINDIR)
@cp -f $(BINDIR)/bb
@chmod 755 $(BINDIR)/bb
@echo Removing the executable from $(BINDIR)
@rm -f $(BINDIR)/bb
.PHONY: install uninstall

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@ -1,6 +1,18 @@
This is the source for the customized bashblog used on []( We have a [wiki page]( with more details on our specific setup.
Note for ~team admins:
sudo make install
to update the script in /usr/local/bin
original README from [github]( here:
A single Bash script to create blogs.
I created it because I wanted a very, very simple way to post entries to a blog by using a public folder on my server, without any special requirements and dependencies. Works on GNU/Linux, OSX and BSD.
@ -19,11 +31,7 @@ Check out [other bashblog users](
Download the code and copy into a public folder (for example, `$HOME/public_html/blog`) and run
This will show the available commands. If the file is not executable, type `chmod +x` and retry.
`bb` will show the available commands.
**Before creating your first post, you may want to configure the blog settings (title, author, etc).
Read the Configuration section below for more information**
@ -32,13 +40,13 @@ To create your first post, just run:
bb post
It will try to use Markdown, if installed. To force HTML:
It will use Markdown. To force HTML:
bb post -html
The script will handle the rest.
When you're done, access the public URL for that folder (e.g. ``)
When you're done, access the public URL for that folder (``)
and you should see the index file and a new page for that post!