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tilde team hacker bootstrap theme

this is a fork of brobin's hacker bootstrap

the latest compiled css will be available here

the major changes from the original are a few tweaks to colors of code samples and font sizes.

feel free to use and modify as you like!

this is the style used on

a bootstrap theme for 1337 h4x0rs. inspired by the classic green on black terminal style. this theme will make your website 1337.

check out the example site!


you can pick up the latest hacker.css and reference the css in your page.

<link href="css/hacker.css" rel="stylesheet">

or you could be a real h4x0r.

h4x0rs only

open up your h4x0r terminal and type the following:

$ npm install

if you want to make adjustments with live-reloading, try this:

$ npm run dev

if you just want to compile, you can do this:

$ npm run build

you'll find the compiled css in dist/hacker.css to do with as you please


feel free to hack around and submit pull requests. not every style is 100% comp1337, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

thanks for stopping by :)