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Logarion is a text header-format and suite of tools, for discovering, collecting & exchanging texts.
Guide: <http://texts.orbitalfox.eu/11bcd8e9.htm>
Source: <http://git.disroot.org/orbifx/logarion>
IRC: <irc://tilde.chat/#logarion>
EUPL licence: <http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/software/page/eupl>
Header fields
ID: unique identifier
Date: of creation, ISO8601 formatted
Topics: comma seperated list of topic names & phrases
Authors:list of name with optional set of <address>
A blank line must seperarate the header from the body.
Build development version
Install `ocaml` and `opam`. Then build and install Logarion using opam's pin function:
opam pin add text_parse https://git.disroot.org/orbifx/text-parse-ml.git
opam pin add logarion https://git.disroot.org/orbifx/logarion.git
opam install logarion