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~ben true an alternate freebsd host for [main] offers an alternate host:, which runs freebsd 13.

currently it supports:

  • webhosting out of ~/public_html at https://<user> or<user>
  • email with - feel free to forward this elsewhere or to your main address
  • finger
  • local irc server: localhost:6667 plaintext or

currently, this vm is hosted on a server i rent from hetzner in germany, so feel free to put your chat client etc here if you get better ping.

the user creation script copied over the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file in your $HOME on ~team. feel free to adjust as needed or holler if you need an admin for something. you should be able to just ssh instead of

there's a mailing list thread for discussion that i'll post updates to. feel free to holler in #team on irc as well.