A script that allows admins of thunix to make user accounts easily.
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# Set location to your repo for ansible here
# It is only needed for thunix
export REPO_LOCATION="/home/ubergeek/repos/ansible/"
export SITE_TITLE="Thunix"
export SITE="https://thunix.net"
export WANT_USERS="true"
export ADMIN_EMAIL="root@thunix.net"
export SIGNUP_URL="https://thunix.net/signup"
export DESCRIPTION="Thunix is a community, centered around access to a public *nix system. Thunix offers shell accounts with complete set of programming tools, and follows a continuous integration-continuous deployment of system configuration."
export LIST_NAME="thunix-join@lists.tildeverse.org"
export EMAIL_TEMPLATE="include/email.tmpl"
export TILDE_JSON="/var/www/thunix.cf/tilde.json"
export YAML_FILE="$1.yml"
export BANNED="/root/users.banned"
export USERQUEUE="/dev/shm/userqueue"