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/* TEAM */
Your title: ubergeek, naglfar, fosslinux
Your title: deepend, naglfar
Site: https://thunix.net, root@thunix.net
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Location: Quebec, Canada
/* THANKS */
Name: ubergeek https://thunix.net/~ubergeek
Name: deepend https://thunix.net/~deepend
ubergeek https://thunix.net/~ubergeek
naglfar https://thunix.net/~naglfar
fosslinux https://thunix.net/~fosslinux
/* SITE */
Last update: 2019/10/31
Last update: 2023/12/26
Standards: HTML5
Components: Apache2, Git, and PHP, Parsedown, Parsedown Extra
Software: vim, geany, ansible, wiki.php