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# The URL the site will be built for
base_url = ""
theme = "water"
# Whether to automatically compile all Sass files in the sass directory
compile_sass = true
# Whether to do syntax highlighting
# Theme can be customised by setting the `highlight_theme` variable to a theme supported by Zola
highlight_code = false
# Whether to build a search index to be used later on by a JavaScript library
build_search_index = false
generate_rss = true
# The default language for pages that don't have a language code
default_language = "fr"
languages = [
{code = "en", rss = true}
# The common part of the title (appended to page/section titles)
title = "~fr"
color = "light"
max_width_for = "body"
max_width = "800px"
header = "_common/"
menu = "_common/"
# The baseURL for files tracked on the forge
browse = ""
# Homepage of the forge
home = ""
# Name of the forge
name = "tildegit"
source = "Source de cette page"
readmore = "Lire la suite"
previousPage = "Page précédente"
nextPage = "Page suivante"
dateFormat = "%d/%m/%Y"
nothing_yet = "Il n'y a pas encore d'article dans cette section."
source = "Source for this page"
readmore = "Read more"
previousPage = "Previous page"
nextPage = "Next page"
dateFormat = "%m/%d/%Y"
nothing_yet = "There is no article in this section yet."