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It's back, baby

coming soon! check #slbr on irc for updates!

typo? you're out.

when you play, you'll be dropped in a fresh vm. on the way to your goal, any mistyped command will delete your vm and you'll be eliminated.

contact ~ben or sose on (in the #slbr channel) to sign up.

How it works

  • Each game has a series of challenges to complete, users are provided with a bash shell and a folder of clues.
  • The challenges are numbered 1-X.
  • Users must submit the solutions to each challenge to the admin, the first user to submit correct solutions to each challenge will win the game.
  • If at any point the user enters an invalid shell command, they will be eliminated from the game.


  • Configuring a new set of challenges is as simple as editing the solutions.txt file with their solutions, and providing new clues in the ./image/inhere folder.
  • In the solutions.txt file, the line number of each solution corresponds to the challenge it is the solution for. Solutions may not take up multiple lines.


  • docker
  • jq
  • python3
  • Twisted (pip3 install twisted)
  • Python Docker SDK (pip3 install docker)


  • Make sure your port 1337 is not exposed to the internet, as SLBR will use it internally


  • mkdir /home/slbr-admin
  • useradd slbr-admin -d /home/slbr-admin
  • usermod -a -G docker slbr-admin
  • chown slbr-admin:slbr-admin /home/slbr-admin
  • sudo su slbr-admin
  • cd
  • git clone
  • cd SLBRV2
  • Run the docker daemon rootlessly, i.e. with
  • You are now ready to manage an slbr game

Running the game

  • run ./ to start the sever listening for various game events
  • run ./ <user name> </path/to/pubkey> to create a new user
  • All game events and user commands will be logged to log.txt
  • You can ./ to cleanup after a game has finished