An RFC system for the tildeverse
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<h2>Tildeverse RFC system</h2>
<p>...The RFC system for tilde boxes will be hosted at and on the tildeverse gitea as <a href="">tildeverse/rfcs</a>...</p>
<p>...RFC documents are simply requests. They are for simple things like defining how something should work or how something should be done.</p>
<p>Standards documents are like mandates. They require something. For example, this document requires a would-be submitter to follow this
format for RFCs. A Standards document can be amended by RFC documents, and any RFC documents in violation of a Standards document,
unless otherwise stated within the Standards document, are invalid.</p>
<a href="/rfcs/0">RFC 0: Standard 1: RFC Format and Semantics</a>
by <a href="">Robert Miles</a> (aka khuxkm)
<p>This system aims to help codify some things about Tildeverse tilde servers.</p>
<h3>Submission guidelines (<a href="/rfcs/0">from the standard</a>)</h3>
<p>An RFC should be submitted as a PR to the <a href="">git repo</a>.</p>
<p>Until your RFC gets assigned a number, give it a draft name. For example, a draft name for an RFC to make allow IRC connections without SSL could be <code>draft-tilde-chat-without-ssl</code>.</p>
<p>Your RFC stays a draft until it is accepted. If or when an RFC is accepted, it will be assigned a number. The status must be changed to <code>Accepted</code> and the number tag must contain the assigned number. When you finish doing this, the PR will be merged.</p>
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