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tilde.chat wiki

hi there, welcome to our wiki!

to contribute to the wiki:

  • fork the repo

  • clone the repo to your local machine (or your public_html folder on the tilde.team box for live testing)

git clone git@tildegit.org:tildeverse/tilde.chat
cd tilde.chat
  • create a new branch for your page
git checkout -b my-new-page
  • if you want to add a new page, copy template.md into your new page!
cp wiki/template.md wiki/my-new-page.md
  • test your changes locally
composer install
php -S localhost:9000

this will run your site at http://localhost:9000/

if you are running the development server on your tilde account, you will not be able to access it on (hostname):9000 because it only runs on localhost, but you can create a tunnel with ssh -L 9000:localhost:9000 to access from your localhost:9000 address

git add --all
git commit -m "added my-new-page"
git push origin my-new-page # this should match the branch name you created earlier
  • create a pull request on the site repo


ps. if you have any questions, ask on irc! (try #helpdesk or #meta)