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~alexlehm true getting started with weechat on a tilde machine run weechat as a local irc client

If you want to run irc on your tilde account, you can use weechat which is installed and requires minimal configuration.

First connection

Start weechat on your linux shell and type the following commands:

/server add tilde -ssl
/connect tilde

This will connect you to the irc network via a secure connection. The username used is your linux account, this has to be unique, if someone else registered your name already and is online you will be called username1 or similar, then you should choose another nickname. You do that with

/nick newusername

(If you didn't choose a username that is unique in the tilde network, you had kind of bad luck.)


You now can register your username using your tilde email address as described here: intro to nicks

Setting login credentials

After you have done that, you can set the username and password in the weechat settings to automatically log in and authenticate

/set irc.server.tilde.sasl_username <username>
/set irc.server.tilde.sasl_password <password>

Or to store the password securely (which is preferred), you can use secure settings like this

/secure passphrase <passphrase>
/secure set tilde_password <password>
/set irc.server.tilde.sasl_password "${}"

Then the client will ask you for the passphrase when starting.

Now disconnect and connect again to get your registered nickname


run weechat again and then connect with

/connect tilde

What now

Now you can join any channel, e.g. #helpdesk

You can set various parameters, e.g. to set your real name displayed in /whois you can use

/set irc.server.tilde.realname "My real name"

You can join multiple channels with /j #channel or start private conversations with /msg nickname and navigate between the different windows with Control-n and Control-p

To automatically connect to the tilde server on startup use

/set irc.server.tilde.autoconnect on

For more information about weechat, see the manual