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Otto Richter ac5b19123d Update README (#57)
I hope this makes it more inviting to collaborate with us on this project. I'd like to promote the software a little more.

Co-authored-by: fnetx <git@fralix.ovh>
Reviewed-on: https://codeberg.org/Codeberg/pages-server/pulls/57
Co-authored-by: Otto Richter <fnetx@noreply.codeberg.org>
Co-committed-by: Otto Richter <fnetx@noreply.codeberg.org>
1 year ago
Moritz Marquardt 73fa2da646
Update default to raw.codeberg.page & improve documentation on custom domains 1 year ago
6543 fdd04610e5
fix .domains and make it redable 1 year ago
6543 5b2e91a37a
6543 ac93a5661c
start using urfave/cli 1 year ago
Moritz Marquardt fedfa8def4
Remove REDIRECT_BROKEN_DNS page and instead use "Failed Dependency" error 2 years ago
fnetx 772c17e214
Pass Gitea API token to requests
This allows to display repos that aren't fully public. Some users seem
to be very interested in not having their pages viewable, and it might
make even sense to avoid e.g. search engines to read them.
If set to some random user string, this could allow to set the
visibility at least to limited (so only logged users see the repo), and
should allow to view private repos in the future with another API token.
2 years ago
Moritz Marquardt f22cd6c4e0
Make it possible to disable rate limits 2 years ago
Moritz Marquardt c99dbb34ce
Implement HTTP-01 challenge 2 years ago
Moritz Marquardt b19a5ecc1d
Switch back to Let's Encrypt again & implement renewal 2 years ago
Moritz Marquardt fcccd6435a
Add EAB for ACME 2 years ago
Moritz Marquardt 2aaac2c52b
Completely refactor certificates and implement renewal & cleanup 2 years ago
Moritz Marquardt 4494023086
Implement simple version of automatic certificate issuance 2 years ago