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.TH PB 1 "03 November 2022" "v2022.11.03"
pb \- a helper utility for using 0x0 pastebin services
.B pb
[-fucvh] [-s server_endpoint] [-e bin_extension]
.B pb
provides an easy-to-use interface for uploading images
or piping output to a 0x0 pastebin service. While it
comes pre-configured with a specific pastebin, the
service endpoint can be overridden.
Data input can be provided as an argument or via stdin.
The data will be processed as binary or text
based on the context.
The options are as follows:
.B -f
Explicitly interpret stdin as filename or names.
.BI -s " server_address"
Use alternative pastebin server address.
.BI -e " bin_extension"
Specifes the file extension used in the upload of binary content passed to
.B pb
via standard input.
.B -c
Pretty color output.
.B -v
Display current version information.
.B -h
Show the help.
.B pb
utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
.B pb scores.txt
Upload 'scores.txt' to the pastebin
.B pb <
Upload executable '' as plain text to the pastebin
.B echo 'Secret info' | pb
Upload piped output to the pastebin
.B find . -type f -name '*.js' -print | pb -f
Upload a list of files to the pastebin individually
.B pb -s scores.txt
Upload a file to a different pastebin endpoint
.B curl -s https://some/image/file.png | pb -e "png"
Download a binary file and re-upload it to the pastebin with an explicit binary
type and extension.
Report issues at the git repository at
James Tomasino <james (at) tomasino (dot) org>