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TRACK(1)                    General Commands Manual                   TRACK(1)

track - a minimalistic data tracker

track [options] <metric> [<value>]

Using the command line, track allows you to enter one and only one data
point on any metric per day. It's great for tracking your weight or how
many cups of coffee you drank. track logs your data for each given
metric to a CSV file. If you track the same metric twice in the same
day, the data is updated. Data need not be numeric.

Setting the $TRACK_DIR environment variable will change the default lo‐
cation where the data is stored. If it is not set the current direc‐
tory is used.

-a Show all values of a metric

-n <N> Show N values of a metric

-x <metric>
Remove metric file

-c Output in CSV format

-l List all metrics being tracked

-h Show the help.

-v Display current version information.

-d Debug mode.

track weight 150
Log 150lbs for today's weight

track -n 10 calories
Show last 10 days calorie values

track mood tired and hungry
Log a multi-word phrase as the value for your current mood

track mood
Show last value logged for mood

GNU General Public License v3.0 or later at

Report issues at the git repository at‐

James Tomasino <james (at) tomasino (dot) org>

v2020.10.11 11 Oct 2020 TRACK(1)