This is the code powering the website for thunix
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Ubergeek 8e1c0f38b7 Removed extraneous footer material 2 years ago
contact.php Updating contact.php 2 years ago
dot.ttf Adding font and fixing up css 2 years ago Removed extraneous footer material 2 years ago Updated logo 2 years ago
minithunix.css Minified the css 2 years ago
newthunix.css Make link colors apply globally 2 years ago
report Adding server status stuff 2 years ago
server.php Corrected report location 2 years ago updating site 2 years ago
signup.php replaced shell_exec for php mail function 2 years ago
site.css Beginning of site ver 3.0 2 years ago
thunix.css Justfying content 2 years ago
users.php Updated some housekeeping stuff 2 years ago