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rework config to be more flexible, and comment more

idk about stuff.py's changes
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@ -1,5 +1,8 @@
# ---> Python
# Byte-compiled / optimized / DLL files

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@ -1,9 +1,19 @@
class config:
# default config file, copy the contents into local_config.py and modify
if __name__ == "local_config":
from config import config
class config: # dummy, so the local config can simply be a copy of this template
class config(config):
class self:
nick = "bot6"
username = "jan6_bot" # you can set it to your username
username = "jan6_bot"
# you should probably indicate yourself to be the owner of the bot, in username, or realname, or both
realname = "jan6's bot"
source = "https://tildegit.org/jan6/bot6"
source = "https://tildegit.org/jan6/bot6" # so far only used for ctcp response, perhaps we're running a fork?
class server:
name = "libera"
@ -13,28 +23,40 @@ class config:
nickserv_auth = True
# get password from secret file
nickserv_pass = open("pass.txt", "r").read().strip()
nickserv_recover = "RECOVER" #might be GHOST sometimes?
channel = "##jan6"
autojoin = ["##share", "#1337331"]
nickserv_recover = "RECOVER" # I recall it being GHOST on some networks?
channel = "#bots"
autojoin = ["#some-other", "##channels"]
class admin:
accounts = ["jan6"]
hostmasks = ["jan6!jan6@mischievous.deity","jan6!~jan6@mischievous.deity"]
# ircv3 account-tag based admin
accounts = ["jan6", "totally-not-jan6"]
# hostmask-based admin, if at all possible, you should try to use a vhost or reverse dns, to prevent fakery
hostmasks = ["jan6!jan6@mischievous.deity", "jan6!~jan6@mischievous.deity"]
class cmd:
# right now, single-character prefixes only (plus bot's own nick)
prefixes = ["6", "'"]
# disabled commands, won't run via normal means, probably
# disabled commands, won't run via normal means...probably
disabled = []
# admin-only override,
# useful for testing broken commands which should still be normal-user accessible
# commands which should only ever be used by admins, should be designated as such in code, not through here (e.g. exit)
admin_only = []
capabilities = [
capabilities = [ # what capabilities shall we request?
"message-tags", # needed for account-tag!
"account-tag", # account tag allows us to identify people without needing custom login!
"multi-prefix", # perhaps eventually useful for detecting people's status, such as +v AND +o ?
"batch", # we wouldn't want to trigger on historic message playback (only usage of it I've seen)
"away-notify", # no functionality deals with away status yet
"account-notify", # I don't remember why I try requesting this lol
"chghost", # uh, same, forgot
# you can remove the following lines if you're editing local_config.py
if __name__ == "config":
from local_config import config
except ModuleNotFoundError:
print("\x1b[31m!!! you should probably set up local config !!!\x1b[0m")

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@ -93,9 +93,10 @@ def stuff(bot, sock):
for line in recv_lines:
except IndexError:
print("\x1b[31;1mNGIRCD SUCKS\x1b[0m ",line)
print("\x1b[31;1mNGIRCD SUCKS\x1b[0m ", line)
stri = line.format()
for k, v in util.dict.items():
stri = stri.replace(k, v)