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hi there, welcome to our wiki!

to contribute to the wiki:

  • fork the repo

  • clone the repo to your local machine (or your public_html folder on the box for live testing)

git clone
  • create a new branch for your page
git checkout -b my-new-page
  • if you want to add a new page, copy into your new page!
  • edit as needed!

  • test your changes with a local php server

composer install
php -S localhost:9000
git add --all
git commit -m "added my-new-page"
git push origin my-new-page # this should match the branch name you created earlier
  • create a pull request on the site repo

deployment notes

as of a7305c7b the wiki uses pretty urls (while still supporting the old style of ?page= urls). to enable this functionality, add the following location block to your nginx configs for this site:

location ~* ^/wiki/(.+)$ {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /wiki/index.php?page=$1;
    include snippets/php.conf;


ps. if you have any questions, ask on irc! (preferably in #team)