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Favorite Repeater List
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="hb9kns.css" /></head>
<h1>Favorite Repeater List</h1>
<p>for personal use &mdash; feedback welcome, but use at your own risk!</p>
<p>frequency+-offset in MHz, sidetone or CTCSS in Hz;
missing offset defaults to -600 kHz on 2m, -7.6 MHz on 70cm</p>
<li>HB9AG: 438.950, 77.0</li>
<li>Saentis: 438.750</li>
<li>Pilatus: 438.800, 71.9</li>
<li>Uetliberg: 438.650, 71.9</li>
<li>Fronalpstock: 439.275, 71.9</li>