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@ -305,6 +305,12 @@ I don't know to configure this shit on Apache so here is the NGINX one.
## Tor setup on NGINX
Important Note: Tor onion addresses are significantly longer than traditional domain names. Before proceeding with Nginx configuration, ensure you increase the `server_names_hash_bucket_size` value in your `nginx.conf` file. This setting in your Nginx configuration controls the internal data structure used to manage multiple server names (hostnames) associated with your web server. Each hostname requires a certain amount of memory within this structure. If the size is insufficient, Nginx will encounter errors.
1. Open your `nginx.conf` file (that is under `/etc/nginx/nginx.conf`).
2. Find the line containing `# server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;`.
3. Uncomment the line and adjust the value. Start with 64, but if you encounter issues, incrementally increase it (e.g., 128, 256) until it accommodates your configuration.
Open your current 4get NGINX config (that is under `/etc/nginx/sites-available/`) and append this to the end of the file: