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@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ In this first *Music Wednesday*, I decided to break out of my comfort zone: no c
I went on /mu/ (no questions) to look for some inspiration, and I found “[The Kick Inside](https://deezer.com/album/301656)” by Kate Bush.
It wasnt a bad choice for testing out my new [headphones](1deXz_BPKakrhSVhF9otZA.jpg).
{{ immagine(img="cover.jpg", alt="The album cover.") }}
{{ immagine(img="cover.jpg", title="The album cover.", alt="The album cover. On the top right, the name “Kate Bush” and the title “The Kick Inside” are written using a font that reminds of Chinese calligraphy. On the left, the right half on an eyebulb. At the center, Kate Bush held to a cross-like (or maybe main mast-like?) thing and wearing a red dress. Most of the cover is yellow, but the external “frame” contour is red.") }}
At the first listen, the album was quite diverse in regards to rhythm and tone, which I didnt expect from a pop-rock release.
The baseline is always quite dreamy, but Im not expert enough to tell whether this is a side effect of the instruments, its an intended action or its just me inventing everything based on vintage reverbs and heavy use of secondary percussion.

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