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g1n f111e459c9
Reimplemented page frame allocator using linked list 1 year ago
g1n 1e6f9083b8
Add kfree_frame for page frame allocator 1 year ago
g1n 7e3279dba1
Added page frame allocator
Currently it is using bitmap. Maybe will be rewriten. Also
deallocator is needed
1 year ago
g1n 45fc49d08c
Makefile: added sysroot and improved other parts
Sysroot maybe needed in future when we will need to use other
1 year ago
g1n edf0613390
Separated run-grub and iso making
Now no need to rebuild iso if main binary wasn't changed
1 year ago
g1n 79ed6ccff2
Optimized Makefile a bit more
Now kernel binary is not recompiled on every run, 'make' checks if
files are changed.

Also deleted not needed sections of Makefile.
1 year ago
g1n d083a9ef7c
Add colors for debug output and todo and panic functions 1 year ago
g1n 472a220b40
Add functions for WARNING, ERROR and FIXME debug outputs 1 year ago
g1n a4a7626010
Add serial and serial printing for debugging 1 year ago
g1n 43d9165486 Made cleaner Makefile (now not need to fix it on every new file) 1 year ago
g1n b4b30fbac6
Add paging 1 year ago
g1n 1079061353
Initial commit 1 year ago