Emerald is a toolchain to cross-compile to Android that links against Android's libc(bionic).
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Emerald GCC

Drone CI


A toolchain to cross compile to Android. This outputs executables that link against Android's libc(bionic). This is a personal project.


Android’s GCC was deprecated in favor of LLVM Clang and removed from Android in January 2020. Some projects still require GCC for building.

How to use

$ tar -xJf file.tar.xz
  • Modify PATH
$ export PATH="$(pwd)/aarch64-linux-android-emerald/bin:$PATH"
  • Test
$ aarch64-linux-android-gcc --version
$ aarch64-linux-android-gcc test.c -o test
  • Run on Android (e.g. with Termux)


Compiled executables should run properly on Android 8 and above.