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Termux Github Actions a1a928547a jfrog-cli: update to 1.50.0 9 hours ago
bin update scripts/bin/update-whatprovides-db 7 months ago
build cmake: update from 3.20.2 to 3.20.4 1 week ago
updates autoupdates: disable z3 1 week ago
Dockerfile Update docker image to Ubuntu 20.04 1 year ago
Vagrantfile Vagrantfile: update to newer Ubuntu LTS 5 months ago
apt-compare-versions Introduce a scripts/ folder 6 years ago allow static packages to be in dependencies 2 years ago scripts: prepare for Bintray deprecation 5 months ago use $TERMUX_PREFIX 8 months ago No backticks 2 years ago
config.guess Update to latest config.{guess,sub} 4 years ago
config.sub Update to latest config.{guess,sub} 4 years ago update repository url 3 weeks ago skip work-in-process metadata when downloading dependency debs (-i/-I) 1 year ago
ldd Add scripts/ldd utility script 3 years ago linter: add PHP-3.01 license id ( 2 months ago No backticks 2 years ago use proper way to get path to ./scripts/ 8 months ago apksigner: update to 30.0.3 7 months ago
run-docker.ps1 Add PowerShell script to run Docker (#815) 4 years ago if $TERMUX_DOCKER_USE_SUDO is set, run `docker` with sudo 9 months ago ndk: update to r21d 12 months ago Do not reinstall packages in 2 months ago prefix and home now are set by 8 months ago Ensure gnupg is installed in 3 months ago install pip2 after everything else 3 days ago Shell script compliance 2 years ago
update-docker.ps1 Add update-docker.ps1 1 week ago No backticks 2 years ago