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Termux Developer's Wiki

General information about using Termux build environment, porting packages and maintaining APT repository.

User's Wiki is available at https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Main_Page.

Git repositories

All source code that belongs to Termux is split between repositories available under our organisation on Github: https://github.com/termux.

We maintain a mirror of our projects on Gitlab.

Android 5 and 6

Package support on Android OS versions 5.x - 6.x is discontinued as of 01.01.2020.

@Agnostic-apollo re-added support for android 5/6 to termux-app starting from termux-app version 0.119 (not yet released at the time of writing), see termux-app/wiki/Termux-on-android-5-or-6.

Application and add-ons

All apks are being distributed through Google Play, F-Droid and Kali Nethunter Store.

Builds on F-Droid and Kali Nethunter Store are done on their own and signed with different certificates. Thus, application and add-ons obtained from different source can't be mixed.


Package definitions, build scripts and patches are split between multiple repositories depending on their functionality.

Package-specific repositories

We maintain some projects which are used for special purposes.


  • TermuxAm: an activity manager for Android OS.
  • command-not-found: utility to suggest packages if executed command not found.
  • libandroid-shmem: System V shared memory implementation through Android's ashmem.
  • libandroid-support: implementation of functionality missing in Bionic libc.
  • play-audio: utility to play audio files through OpenSLES.
  • proot: an Android-compatible fork of proot.
  • termux-api-package: command line interface to Termux:API.
  • termux-apt-repo: script for generating APT repository from given packages.
  • termux-auth: an implementation of password authentication for use with OpenSSH and similar packages.
  • termux-create-package: utility to create DEB package from set of files and metadata definition.
  • termux-elf-cleaner: utility to remove unused sections from ELF binaries.
  • termux-exec: LD_PRELOAD hook for fixing /bin and /sbin path accesses during execution of execve() system call.
  • termux-services: scripts for managing services in Termux.