a Gemini browser in like, idk, 96% pure Bash
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bollux - a bash Gemini client

Shellcheck Status

inspired by


  • make requests
  • receive files
  • use dd to show a nice little download status
  • use less to display text/* files
  • link navigation
  • man page
  • configuration
  • browse gopher
  • history (basic)


  • history (advanced)
  • test configuring capabilities
  • bookmarks
  • mailcap
  • generate certificates
  • implement TOFU
  • handle http, etc links


  • bash >= 4.0
  • iconv
  • openssl
  • less (with lesskey)
  • dd



From source

$ git clone https://tildegit.org/acdw/bollux
$ cd bollux
# make install

NOTE if you installed an older version, make sure to rm /usr/bin/bollux.
The new install path is /usr/local/bin.


$ curl -fLo bollux https://tildegit.org/acdw/bollux/raw/branch/main/bollux
$ chmod +x bollux
$ ./bollux

It's a bash script, so just plop it in your $PATH somewhere.




Create an issue or pull request and I'll get back to you posthaste!