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Kartik K. Agaram b56590ddc9 some more reorg of the standard library
Now life.tlv and gemini.tlv are also minimizing how much of the standard
library they pull in, just to be easy to read.
2022-03-27 11:42:19 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram 14446eefc4 helper: count permutations 2022-03-27 11:24:56 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram dd7da2c62a helper: count 2022-03-27 10:53:41 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram fddbe08fc8 graphviz: for basic stats, show all nodes ordered
The ordering is topological; nodes come before their dependencies.

Also some more helpful functions in the template for new apps.
2022-03-19 16:59:30 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram 7859317ece standardize common helpers across all apps
In particular, I merged take_out in anagrams.tlv with all_but in
2022-03-19 00:19:58 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram aed89b8d35 graphviz: draft notion of nodes in 'focus'
Now the REPL isn't about deciding what to calculate, but just what nodes
to calculate it for.
2022-03-18 21:22:18 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram c21cefa888 idiom: table.insert for appending
Stop using arr[#arr+1].
2022-03-18 20:55:07 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram 29d53c21ac graphviz: don't interpret substrings as regexes 2022-03-18 10:43:48 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram 5c42b1de32 break.tlv: nascent live-updating stack language
Joint work with Sumeet Agarwal. In the process we discovered several
bugs in our fake window helpers for tests. Thanks Sumeet!

Previous prototypes:
2022-03-17 23:36:15 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram b9c187d259 stop using tasks in start_reading/start_writing
We just need queues/streams for file I/O. No need to complect
concurrency concerns with them.
2022-03-16 17:03:38 -07:00
Kartik K. Agaram 7030e70ef3 reconcile template in all apps 2022-03-10 04:32:57 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 6a3098d0e9 use method syntax where possible
Perhaps this is a bad idea. It feels arbitrary, what methods Lua happens
to include in string and table objects without having to go through the
respective modules.
2022-03-06 16:38:49 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 38ff2ddf11 move start_reading/start_writing out of template
When should code go in the template used by new apps vs the .lua files
distributed with Teliva?

- from a privilege perspective there's no difference
- from a compatibility perspective stuff in .tlv will not get upgraded
  with Teliva.
- for me the maintainer, functions in .lua files are easier to upgrade
  in a single place.
- for the reader of an app, functions in .lua files will not show up to
  be edited. They can still be overloaded, but the current version isn't
  as discoverable. Putting something in the app is a slight nudge to
  readers that they're encouraged to mess with it.
- Stuff in .lua files can use local functions and so have more internal
  complexity. Apps can also hide details within functions, but that'll
  make them more likely to run into limitations with Teliva's editing

I'm not yet sure how to reason about the second point in practice.
  - Stuff in .tlv files I don't have to worry about compatibility
    guarantees for.
  - Stuff in .lua files I _do_ have to worry about compatibility
    guarantees for.

Perhaps this means I'm doing things exactly wrong in this commit?
Functions like map/reduce/filter/append seem more timeless, whereas I'm
still just feeling my way around with start_reading and start_writing.

We'll see. For now I'm ruled by the fourth point. Messing with tasks and
the scheduler is much more advanced than anything else in template.tlv;
it seems to make sense to add some friction to modifying them.

Bottomline: Complex sub-systems go in .lua files. Simple, self-contained
definitions go into apps. Both are probably equally burdensome now from
a compatibility perspective.
2022-03-06 09:21:32 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 8584e15b68 use the new file API in most places
Really everywhere except zet.tlv. toot-toot is intended to emit
throwaway files anyway.
2022-03-06 02:49:26 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram a8d0c1a56a reconcile all apps with template.tlv
They may take more or less from it (sieve.tlv in particular takes
nothing since call depth doesn't help at all there), but what they take
is in the right order so that you can compare across apps.
2022-03-06 02:42:34 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram af9d7a16f3 starting to convert all file reads to the new API
For starters, this detail was puzzling when I returned to the Game of
Life app.
2022-03-06 02:12:06 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 68d956e31a distinguish between window global and arg 2022-03-02 22:15:01 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram ae51b06dab starting to make Teliva apps more testable
Tasteful apps should only perform side-effects through 'window'
arguments rather than the 'curses' module directly. It's ok however to
read constants like curses.A_NORMAL or curses.stdscr().

There are some limitations, unfortunately. Ncurses wasn't designed with
testability in mind. For example, there's no way to curs_set or
assume_default_colors without the 'curses' module. Oh well.
2022-02-27 08:41:30 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 9421ea7151 'doc:blurb': a place to briefly describe an app
This is for what the app does, as opposed to 'doc:main', which is also
intended to include commentary about the internal organization of the
2022-02-17 20:16:36 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram a8dfea1d3c drop io.lines()
I'd already dropped the variant without a filename. But even the variant
with a filename is very easy to use in a way that is confusing to use in
the presence of sandboxing:

* call io.lines()
* Sandboxing saves an error, io.lines() returns nil
* Caller (usually a loop) raises an error.
* We show the error and not the sandboxing failure.
* Worse, there's no way to adjust permissions from within Teliva,
  because we can't ever get to that menu while there's an error.

Best solution I can come up with: encourage a separate step for
translating filename to file handle. That way it's more obvious that we
need to check for errors.
2022-02-02 23:44:25 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 33bcd5c871 remove disabled functions from life.tlv 2021-12-25 18:52:43 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 343316dcfa more precise control over menu order
I can't believe I didn't notice this until now.
2021-12-22 00:27:50 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 41bf615f43 nail down trusted Teliva channels a little more
In each session, Teliva has to bootstrap a trusted channel with the
computer owner while running arbitrarily untrusted code. So let's get
really, really precise about what the trusted channel consists of:
  - the bottom-most row of screen containing the menu
  - the keystrokes the owner types in
  - ncurses COLOR_PAIR slots 254 (menu) and 255 (error)

One reason the menu colors are important: we don't want people to get
used to apps that hide the menu colors by setting default
foreground/background to invisible and then drawing their own menu one
row up.

The error COLOR_PAIR I don't see any reason to carve out right now, but
it seems like a good idea for Teliva the framework to not get into the
habit of apps doing some things for it.

I'm not sure how realistic all this is (I feel quite ill-equipped to
think about security), but it seems worthwhile to err on the side of
paranoia. Teliva will be paranoid so people don't have to be.
2021-12-21 15:47:55 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram d818efb7c8 pay more attention to where we display the cursor
It's still just in app control; I'm resisting the urge to introduce
2021-12-18 09:32:37 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram c0c9d31688 snapshot: migrate all sample apps to new format 2021-12-11 10:22:53 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram a0c66dbe31 more configurable colors
Also start using 256 colors, under the assumption most people will have
2021-12-06 16:53:11 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram d9cf3433d9 start showing call stack on errors
It turns out Lua has been providing us this information all along! I'd
just not created the space on screen to show it. Make it persist better.

Kilo now no longer tracks its own status messages, which is a regression
in a rare condition.
2021-12-04 14:12:36 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 31816db0cc . 2021-11-26 21:56:22 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 07bf55b460 save timestamp on change; show in recent changes 2021-11-26 18:47:50 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 720ff19351 add support for metadata in Teliva programs
They don't have any semantics yet. We just ignore them for now.
2021-11-26 18:17:35 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram 5a63a5ca40 monotonically accumulate versions of definitions
One old drawback now has a new look. Before, we loaded definitions in
order, so global definitions had to exist before other global
definitions that used them. See window and grid in life.tlv. Now we load
definitions in reverse order, so initialization needs to change. Worse,
if we update window, we need to edit grid just to fix the order.

This implies that we can't yet optimize away bindings where there are no
new changes.
2021-11-24 10:10:38 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram acb5e88b3c indent 2021-11-23 22:03:14 -08:00
Kartik Agaram 428afbb19d demo
2021-11-14 14:40:55 -08:00
Kartik K. Agaram f40bc31cc3 import life.teliva into image format 2021-11-14 11:10:18 -08:00