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A little PHP script created for uploading custom sharex files to your own webserver


First we start by uploading the contents of the 'src' directory to the root of our website

Next is the configuration file, found in /u/config.php here there are a few key settings

/* This is a secure key that only you should know, an added layer of security for the image upload */
  'secure_key' => 'somerandomlongstringoftextforkey',

/* This is the url your output will be, usually http://www.domain.com/u/, also going to this url will be the gallery page */
  'output_url' => 'http://example.com/u/',

/* This is a redirect url if the script is accessed directly */
  'redirect_url' => 'http://example.com/',

/* This is a list of IPs that can access the gallery page (Leave empty for universal access) */
  'allowed_ips' => array('', ''),

/* Page title of the gallery page */
  'page_title' => 'My Upload Site',

/* Heading text at the top of the gallery page */
  'heading_text' => 'Uploading Site',

ShareX Configuration

Next we need to setup our ShareX to use the custom uploader

1. From the ShareX main application we go to Destinations > Destination Settings
2. Scroll down to 'custom uploaders' add a new profile
3. Request type POST, the url should be http://www.example.com/upload.php
4. File form name: "d" (without quotation marks)
5. Arguments are:
    - key, this should be set to the 'secure key' you set in your config.php
    - name, this is how the files will be named, for mine, I use '%h.%mi.%s-%d.%mo.%yy'
6. The setup is now complete, test your uploader and it 'should' work!

Preview of the gallery page

Preview of gallery

Planned Features

  1. Create an option to backup your files as a zip archive (optional through config)
  2. Add a way to display images on hover, so you can quickly scan through (optional through config)
  3. Password login for the page as an option in the config