client for Iris, a CLI forum for tilde-likes
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IrisPy is a Python client for Iris, the CLI forum software for tilde-likes.

This was built mostly for experimentation and getting to know how Iris works under the hood. It is still under development and lacks some essential features like edit and delete.

usage: [-h] [-u] [-t] [-p] [-v N] [-r N] [-e X] [--mark-all-read]

  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -u, --unread     list topics with unread messages
  -t, --topics     list all topics
  -p, --post       create new topic
  -v N, --view N   view topic N
  -r N, --reply N  reply to topic N
  -e X, --edit X   edit topic number `X` or message number M`X`
  --mark-all-read  (broken) mark all topics as read