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James Tomasino 786f904dd2
adds projects to menu
7 days ago
awk tweak for relative links in gemini 2 years ago
bin handle subfolders in ship directories better 2 weeks ago
completion linting fixes 4 years ago
efingerd simplified julian date in finger 11 months ago
emails adds system update email 5 months ago
favicons favicons gallore 4 years ago
files new menu additions and web fixes 2 years ago
licenses ship promoting more flexible license 2 years ago
man adds countships and minor manpage update 2 years ago
menu adds projects to menu 7 days ago
postfix allow srht from cosmic 2 years ago
templates adds chess endgame puzzles 1 year ago
update-motd little tweaks 2 years ago
.drone.yml trying a different drone configuration 2 years ago
.travis.yml check updatemotd scripts in travis 4 years ago
Makefile makefile defaults to help 2 years ago adds drone status 2 years ago
pkglist fixing glob null bug in menu 2 years ago
pkglist-pip pip list up to date 2 years ago
pkglist-source 3rd party packages installed get repos listed where they exist 2 years ago scripts status Build Status

These are the scripts and files designed for They're stored here for public review and collaboration.