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.TH BURROW 1 "06 Mar 2020" "version 1.7.9"
burrow \- a helper for building and managing a gopher hole
5 years ago
burrow [options] [command]
5 years ago
burrow is a collection of helper actions designed to assist in the creation,
modification, and maintenance of a gopher hole.
5 years ago
.B phlog
Prompt for the title of a new post, then open it in your default
.B gophermap
Open a gophermap file relative to your gopher directory for editing,
automatically stripping some special characters for easier editing of info
.B rss
Automatically generate an RSS feed of your most recent phlog
entries and output it to the root of your gopher directory. This can be
automatically generated by using the config option config_phlog_autorss.
.B quickstart
Creates a new configuration file from interactive user prompts.
.B edit-config
Opens your burrow configuration file for editing if it exists.
.B update-git
Silently attempt to update a git repository at the location
of your gopher hole. It is appropriate for use by a cron job.
.B git-pull
which is useful for crons.
5 years ago
.B -v
Display current version information.
.B -d
Debug mode.
.B -h
Show the help.
.I ~/.config/burrow/config
.I ~/.config/burrow
.I ~/.burrow
.I /etc/burrow/config
: configuration settings for burrow. If none of these are available, the default
configuration is loaded.
None known.
James Tomasino <tomasino (at) lavabit (dot) com>