generator and source files for the site

Updated 4 days ago

an opinionated gempub to epub converter

Updated 8 months ago

generador y codigo fuente de

Updated 9 months ago

advent of code 2021 in awk

Updated 10 months ago

archivos de mi cápsula gemini

Updated 10 months ago

scripts generadores y archivos fuente de mi cápsula gemini y sitio web.

Updated 1 year ago

a very small static site generator

Updated 2 years ago

gemini browser in AWK (WIP)

Updated 2 years ago

Advent of Code 2020!!!

Updated 2 years ago

A Gemini server with Awk scripting

Updated 2 years ago

Gophermap validation for your gophermap toolchain

Updated 2 years ago

A quick start guide to the AWK programming language for's tech learning program (and for anyone anywhere that wants to learn AWK).

Updated 3 years ago