A simple, minimal static site generator using Bash and Pandoc.
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Note: panblog is still in development and may continue to change, have bugs, destroy your computer, make your hand fall off, etc.

panblog is a simple, minimal bash and pandoc-based static site generator. It takes a flat file directory of markdown files and can build a website inside a folder, or you can add just a new post to an existing panblog.

panblog makes use of Pandoc, and specifically the template feature which allows the creation of html templates that include custom header and footer.


Git clone or download this directory to your computer.


Two ways to use:

Build entire site


Looks for all markdown files in the directory, then builds a folder site/ (or change name in template/build.sh) with each post by default in its own sub-folder so you can have a clean URLs.


- index.md
- index.html

Create a single post and add to site

./post.sh postname.md

Takes a single specified file and adds it to the site/ folder (or change in template/post.sh) with each post by default in its own sub-folder.


panblog comes with several theme options. A theme should be specified in your templates files.


cc0 Public Domain

Issues / pull requests considered.