minimal scratchpad for vimwiki
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A minimal scratchpad to launch and run from Neovim (or Vim), originally made to extend my Vimwiki wiki. For those moments when you are writing in Vim/Nvim and you really do need to just add a sketch. After launching you can right click -> save or use the screenshot tool. If you too are using vimwiki you'll have to manually add a markdown image link to your screenshot/saved canvas.

I've tried to make the 'software' as it is as minimal as possible. Hopefully I won't extend it with additional features :D That said, issues or PRs are welcome.


Run it from Neovim / Vim


Note the capital S since this is a user-defined custom command.


To install, add the path to the index file in this repo to ~/.config/nvim/init.vim for Neovim, or to ~/.vimrc for Vim.

" my vwscratchpad launcher
:command Scratchpad silent !open ~/Software/vwscratchpad/index.html