website roulette for tilde members
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Sites Roulette


My simple application to view user pages on a given server,

curl.php gets the data from the main page of the server, parses it and writes to the database, thanks to cron you can easily update the database for example once a day.

it's a very simple script, if you want to run it, you need to personalize some things, like the name of your home directory or regex to download users

to change:

  • public_html/browser/get.php

  • public_html/browser/index.php

    • s/
  • store/browser/curl.php

    • require_once ('/home/grizzly/store/browser/db.php');
    • curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_URL,'');
    • pregmatch_all('/
    • <a href="/~(.)/" class="list-group-item col-xs-6 col-sm-4 col-md-2">~(._)</a></li>/', $data, $matches);
  • store/browser/

and add cron.txt content to your cron: crontab -e

the script was created out of "need", I wanted to browse all user pages and I didn't want to open thousands of tabs, so this is "sites roulette".

you can modify it, share it freely

if you want to change or improve something, clone the repo, add changes and send pull request