small php+sql web-comic system. No bloat, you gloat.
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a small lightweight webcomic system, that only uses php, sh, and sql

At the moment, it only works would work with mysql/mariadb, but it is planned that it becomes dialect-agnostic, and use more lightweight stuff.


  • php
  • bash
  • some form of sql
  • scss for the css


To set up the webcomic system, you will need to do the following:

  1. choose a dialect of sql. As far as I know, any dialect works, but only mysql and sqlite have been tested.
  2. copy or write config.ini.php. If you choose to use one of the tested variants, sample config files are provided.
  3. setup the database. It is remarcably simple:
id file title hover
number, preferably auto-incrementing. primary key location of image files, text webpage title, text hovertext, text

See sample setup in comics.sql (mysql version).