33 Commits (6c20385bf88e97bfeb0c8ac8702eeaf1f46e80b2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
praetor 6c20385bf8 Merge branch 'fix-append' of tildeverse/uucp into master 3 years ago
Ben Harris 15c5046c82
fix bug with bootstrap results 3 years ago
praetor ccc95a3aac fixed ssh known_hosts 3 years ago
praetor e71d11735f Merge branch 'master' of fosslinux/uucp into master 3 years ago
fosslinux 74abbc2a73 add aussie to nodelist 3 years ago
fosslinux c83005cc6e add aussie ssh key 3 years ago
uucp bda224e3f7 known_hosts not concatenating. Fixed 3 years ago
praetor eea20dfacc Update 'nodelist' 3 years ago
praetor 63bf67a6fd Added call and passwd configuration 3 years ago
praetor 3ea474521d Merge branch 'institute' of ahriman/uucp into master 3 years ago
root eea68a0df0 Updated README 3 years ago
root 5b28c322ce updated README 3 years ago
root 53ed8e0e5b fixed config file bug 3 years ago
root 89ce28e5d4 Finished bootstrapping script 3 years ago
uucp a9cbc37ecf Updated Bootstrapping script 3 years ago
ahriman 03a3cc8038 added tilde.institute key 3 years ago
praetor ed33496ea9 added initial bootstrap script for new Tier 1 nodes 3 years ago
root 8a10364fcc Fixed files for center 3 years ago
uucp 9467eab5e0 added config templates 3 years ago
praetor 4a98594331 Merge branch 'master' of center/uucp into master 3 years ago
aewens c1ede83a48 Removed needless output from update.sh, causes excessive flooding in cron emails when run at suggestive time interval 3 years ago
Uucp user 9ac1543409 Added tilde.center key 3 years ago
uucp 3b55ffa2ca added mail endpoint 3 years ago
uucp 4a974bd0d7 added dataforge mail server 3 years ago
praetor 9b13163fcb removed known_hosts stuff. found a better way 3 years ago
praetor a7056fbef1 added ssh key update script 3 years ago
uucp 02acb2236c Added updated dataforge key 3 years ago
uucp e3cd69206a fixed type in authorized_keys 3 years ago
uucp ebed620280 cleaning up things' 3 years ago
uucp ed11fe6011 ssh directory cleanup 3 years ago
praetor f6aa0c748d Added known hosts 3 years ago
praetor 93d371a0ef Added authorized keys 3 years ago
praetor 6e82601e4a Initial Commit 3 years ago