An RPG Maker-style video game with multiplayer capabilities.
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What is Pixelbuild?

Pixelbuild is a Free and Open Source (FOSS) suite of tools to help create your next video game. Modelled after the acclaimed RPG Maker, it strives to create a free and easy-to-use tool for game development.

How is Pixelbuild Made?

Pixelbuild is comprised of several tools:

  • The Pixelbuild Client (pbclient) is the client side and offers the player a multitude of experinces he could choose from.
  • The Pixelbuild Engine (pbengine) is a detachable part of the suite comprising a simple rendering engine written in C++.
  • The Pixelbuild Server Daemon (pbserverd) is the server side and can run several games on one instance simulateneously.
  • The Pixelbuild Editor (pbeditor) is where the developer can edit their own games, using the programming language of choice, with Python by default.

Learn More

You can read the story behind Pixelbuild here.