Skin fitting the Mediawiki 'timeless' theme, for use with the Game Making Tools wiki.
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Theme fitting the Mediawiki 'timeless' skin, for use with the Game Making Tools wiki.


  • Requires the Mediawiki extension 'Theme':
    See instructions behind that link (you just put stuff in a folder and add a line to LocalSettings.php).

  • Place this stylesheet within your wiki's extensions/Theme/timeless directory ('Timeless' is the skin it modifies).

  • Within extensions/Theme there's a file called extension.json. You need to find the ResourceModules bit and add the theme there. For example mine looks like this:

"ResourceModules": {
	"themeloader.skins.timeless.gmt": {
		"styles": {
			"timeless/gmt.css": {
				"media": "screen"
  • NB: I only have one theme set-up though! Each theme you want to use needs it's own 'module'.

Extensionless Alternative

If you don't want to use a theme you can add the content of the stylesheet to MediaWiki:Common.css page of your wiki. To edit this page you need to be in the 'interface administrator' group. You can sheck this on the Special:ListUsers page.

The downside of this method is that it will be applied to every skin.


  • Nicen mobile version.
  • Add dark mode.
  • Line-spacing in lists is a bit off.