26 labels

  • blocked
    Needs clarification
  • bug
    Something is not working
  • build
    Relating to the build process/toolchain
  • documentation
    Relates to documentation
  • duplicate
    This issue or pull request already exists
  • enhancement
    New feature
  • finger
    Relates to the finger module
  • gemini
    Relates to the gemini module
  • gopher
    Relates to the gopher module
  • help wanted
    Need some help
  • http
    Relates to the http module
  • in progress
    Denotes that a member of the team is actively working on this issue
  • invalid
    Something is wrong
  • local
    Relates to the local file module
  • needs-info
    We do not have enough information for this issue
  • non-code
    Does not correpond to code issue
  • non-functional
    Code cleanup/refactor
  • non-urgent
    Take your time
  • question
    A request for comment or open question
  • release
    This PR is from develop to master
  • rendering
    Relates to visual output
  • suggestion
    A suggestion for a feature
  • telnet
    Relates to the telnet module
  • terminal
    Issues with terminal handling
  • urgent
    Handle ASAP
  • wontfix
    This won't be fixed