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  • Add styles/color support
  • Add code comments/documentation for all items
  • Make sure html links using the URL convention work correctly

Control keys/input:

q quit j scrolldown k scrollup f toggle showing favorites as subwindow TODO - r refresh current page data (re-request)

GO :# go to link num :url go to url

SIMPLE :quit quit :home visit home :bookmarks toogle bookmarks window :search :help

DOLINK :delete # delete bookmark with num :bookmarks # visit bookmark with num

DOLINKAS :write # name write linknum to file :add # name add link num as favorite

DOAS :write url name write url to file :add url name add link url as favorite :set something something set a system variable

value, action, word

Config format:

[favorites] ++ gopher:// My phlog ++ gopher://

[options] home ++ gopher:// searchengine ++ gopher:// savelocation ++ ~/Downloads/ httpbrowser ++ lynx openhttp ++ true