A utility for formatting gophermaps
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gfu - gophermap format utility

gfu manipulates gophermaps (gopher menus). It is intended to be used as part of an automation chain for managing a gopherhole using maps as the main doctype, easily allowing any document to contain links.

gfu can:

  • Convert all lines in a file that are not valid gopher links into gopher info text (item type 'i') lines
  • Deconstructing all gopher info text lines in a file back to plain text for easy editing

There are also plans to include additional features, such as:

  • Adding the contents of a header file into the gophermap
  • Adding the contents of a footer file into the gophermap Please note - Many servers already support includes, so the above may not be needed. If you are interested in this feature, you may want to check your server documentation first.

Getting Started

These instructions will get a copy of the project up and running on your local machine.


If building from source, you will need to have Go version 1.10 installed.


Assuming you have go installed, run the following:

git clone https://tildegit.org/sloum/gfu.git
cd gfu
make install

Assuming go install is set up to install to a place on your path, you should be able to execute gfu from the terminal:



If you run gfu and get gfu: command not found, try running make from within the cloned repo. Then try: ./gfu. If that works it means that Go does not install to your path. make added an executable file to the repo directory. Move that file to somewhere on your path. I suggest /usr/local/bin on most systems, but that may be a matter of personal preference.


If you would prefer to download a binary for your system, rather than build from source, please visit the gfu downloads page.



gfu [flags...] [filepath]


gfu ~/gopher/phlog/gophermap Convert plain text lines to gophermap info text (item type 'i') lines

gfu -d ~/gopher/phlog/gophermap Deconstruct a gophermap's info text (item type 'i') lines back to plain text

gfu -stdout ~/gopher/phlog/gophermap Don't write changes to file, only print them to the console


Please see the gfu homepage for more information about gfu.


If you would like to get involved, please submit an issue. At present the developers use the tildegit issues system to discuss new features, track bugs, and communicate with users about hopes and/or issues for/with the software.


This project is not currently licensed.