Experimental multi-format frontmatter parsing library (YAML/TOML)
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A library to parse TOML & YAML frontmatter either naively (as a serde_json::Map<String,serde_json::Value>) or to a native struct via serde.

This is very early stages software, just an experiment to learn how types work in Rust.


use frontmatter::GenericFrontmatter;

struct PageFrontMatter {
    title: Option<String>,
    date: Option<String>

let body = "test: lol\ntest2: lol\nextra:\n  extra_key: value";
let frontmatter = GenericFrontmatter::from_yaml(&body).expect("FAIL");
let special: PageFrontMatter = serde_json::from_value(frontmatter.into()).expect("FAIL2");
    println!("{:?}", special);


  • JSON support
  • file splitting: String -> (frontmatter, String)
  • date parsing