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~ben true email email settings for
guides has a mailserver. here are your options:

clients and connection settings

  • mutt - should work out of the box
  • alpine - should work out of the box
  • webmail
  • imap/smtp
    • some clients will autoconfigure (tested with thunderbird)
    • email address: (or any of the aliased domains)
    • username: username (without the domain)
    • password: your shell password

connection info

protocol hostname port security
imap 143 starttls
imaps 993 tls
pop3s 995 tls
smtp 587 starttls
smtps 465 tls

note: these domains all resolve to the same IP of our main server.

alternate domains and addresses

because ~ben hoards domain names, you can use any of the domains on this list with your tildemail:

mail sent to yourusername@ any of those domains will end up in your inbox. most clients will allow you to add additional identities/aliases.

additionally, any address with a + and arbitrary text behind it will be forwarded to your email: ie. plus-addresses are very useful for filtering mail.


For outlook, there's a specific setup - if you have to use it and prefer to not have multiple email clients, you can do this.

  1. Run outlook.exe /manageprofiles and make sure outlook is closed before hand
  2. Now you should have a windows with three options, click email accounts...
  3. Click on New in the first tab to create a new email account
  4. Select manual setup or additional server types and then select POP or IMAP
  5. Fill the servers in using the table. Not it won't work yet as we need to do some things.
  6. After entering the details on the page, select More Settings, go to Outgoing Server and select Log on using and fill the username (without domain) and password
  7. Then go into the Advanced tab and fill in the ports and connection types as per the table. Make sure all the ports are correct and click ok and then finally click next

Everything should now be setup.

forwarding and sieve

if you would like your tildemail to be forwarded somewhere else, put that email address in a file called ~/.forward

echo > ~/.forward

we also have sieve and managesieve support.

scripts belong in ~/sieve/, with the active sieve script named ~/.dovecot.sieve (to conform with managesieve).

here are some example sieve scripts

managesieve is available on the default port (4190) if you want to use an external managesieve client (like the thunderbird add-on).

our webmail is pre-configured to manage your sieve scripts.

ask ~ben if you have any questions