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Helps users connect and access files on tildes. Part of TildeLinux.

Tildes Supported

  • tilde.town
  • tilde.team
  • yourtilde.com
  • tilde.institute
  • cosmic.voyage


  • gtk (gui)
  • yad (gui)
  • xdotool (gui)
  • ssh
  • sshfs
  • ssh-askpass


  • Code cleanup
    • Move shared functions into separate files
  • Initial ssh setup
    • And error when ssh is not configured
  • Password login
  • An easy way to transfer private keys?
  • Error handling for file creation
  • Alert user if (local) directory they are trying to link to already contains a link
  • The exit and cancel buttons should do the same thing
  • A way to cleanly unlink directories



  • initial very alpha release


  • huge refractor