23 Setting up a .tilde DNS server
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Thankfully, most of the work has been figured out already. So, until we get an ansible playbook written, you can follow these steps:


Execute the following:

sudo apt update
sudo apt -y upgrade
sudo apt -y install bind9 git dnsutils cron
cd /var
sudo git clone https://tildegit.org/tildenic/.tilde.git
sudo mv .tilde tilde
cd /var/tilde
sudo cp db.* /etc/bind/
sudo cp named.conf.* /etc/bind/
sudo systemctl restart bind9
sleep 3
sudo journalctl -xe

The last command should tell you if bind9 reloaded successfully, and if it did not. If it didn't, you'll need to fix the errors it shows you.

To automatically keep zone files updated, execute:

crontab -e

put the following on a new line in the cron:

*/5 * * * * /etc/bind/update_dns_zones_ubuntu

All Distros/OSs (Required to be listed on wiki and tildenic.org)

Follow the directions on this page: https://wiki.opennic.org/opennic/srvzone

To be added to tildenic.org as a public .tilde resolver. Please submit an issue with your ip address information.