folding@home team: let's show what the tildeverse can do!
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Information on how to join our team!
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tildeverse folding@home team 242169.

Getting started

To join our folding@home team you need to do the following:

  1. Download the folding@home client for whatever OS you use from:

  2. Load up the client and select that you want to "Set up an Identity"

  3. Enter the name you like (suggest using your tilde username)

  4. Enter the team number 242169

  5. Tap on the link "Get a passkey" and request a passkey so nobody can steal your username on the statsboard.

  6. You will get an email with the passkey and will need to enter that in the client under "Passkey"

  7. Press Save and get folding! You can set how often you want to fold and how much of your CPU and/or GPU you would like to use.

Current Work Unit Count:

Tildeverse Folding Team