CLI todo list manager with tmux session support
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TODO(1)                     General Commands Manual                    TODO(1)

       todo - a minimalist todo list manager

       todo [-vhex] [-a "todo item"] [-d todo-number] [-d "todo phrase"]

       todo  is a simple, minimalist todo list manager. Users can add items to
       a todo list or delete them. Deleted items are archived and can  be  re

       The default location of the todo list can be set with the TODO environ
       ment variable. If unset, a the default file is ~/todo.txt.

       If todo is used within a tmux session, the filename of  the  todo  list
       inherits  the  name of the current session. This allows for unique todo
       lists based on tmux context.

       The options are as follows:

       no parameters
              If no parameters are passed to todo, then the current todo  list
              will be displayed to standard out.

       -a  quoted_todo_item
              Add a new todo list item

       -d  item_number_or_phrase
              Delete  a  todo  list  item  by its number or by a string.  If a
              string is provided, any todo list item that matches that  string
              will be removed. Deleted items are moved to the archive.

       The  archive file is named identically to the todo file with the excep
       tion of a .archive added before the extension.  For  example,  todo.txt
       would have an archive named todo.archive.txt in the same folder.

       -e     Open the todo file in your editor.

       -x     Display the archive file.

       -v     Display current version information.

       -h     Show the help.

       The todo utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

       todo   Displays the current todo list

       todo -a `this is a new todo list item'
              Adds a new item to the current todo list

       todo -d 3
              Deletes item #3 from the current todo list

       todo -x
              Shows the archive for the current todo list

       GNU General Public License v3.0 or later at

       Report  issues  at  the  git repository at

       James Tomasino <james (at) tomasino (dot) org>

2020.09.05                     05 September 2020                       TODO(1)