my nice dotfiles
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lickthecheese eaa9f0b1ac ssh config 11 months ago
.baresip moar phone numbers 1 year ago
.byobu switched term fonts 1 year ago
.config i3 stuff migrated 11 months ago
.gnupg use different keyserver 1 year ago
.irssi boop more channels 1 year ago
.local oh yeah nice organized moosiic 1 year ago
.ssh ssh config 11 months ago
.zsh do not autocomplete completion, it slows the shell too much 12 months ago
Templates ignore this commit thanks 12 months ago
bin wttr integration 12 months ago
.Xmodmap xmodmap stuff 2 years ago
.Xresources i know its a bad practice but whatever lol 11 months ago
.bash_profile modified config 2 years ago
.bashrc owo powerline font cool 1 year ago
.emacs emacs cool 12 months ago
.gitignore ignore deploy script 1 year ago
.profile fix tmux being weird 11 months ago
.tmux.conf steal hashbang's tmux config lol 11 months ago
.vimrc irssi 1 year ago
.xinitrc fix spelling mistake 11 months ago
.xscreensaver more screensavers 12 months ago
.zshrc fuzzy tabbing 12 months ago