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+++ title = "Windows 96 “Dated New Aesthetic” (2024)" description = "In this Music Wednesday, a new vaporwave release." date = 2024-01-10T23:30:00Z updated = 2024-01-25T11:30:00Z [taxonomies] categories = ["Media"] tags = ["Music", "Music Wednesday"] +++ If I have to be honest, I havent looked into the vaporwave scene recently, for a number of reasons: some artists I would like to listen to are not on Spotify (for copyright reasons or other things out of my control); I have less time to actively listen to music; I want to explore other genres. However, when I saw that Windows 96 released “Dated New Aesthetic” some days ago, I decided to get more comfortable for this Music Wednesday.

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The tracks contain lots of references to ambient and new age music, and of course to “golden age” vaporwave. My favourite was track 5, Lightsleeper, as it alternates moments of pure chill and liquid drum n bass-esque drums, with a somewhat vaportrap ending.